Building A Sustainable Nursing Workforce

Elevating employment systems by bringing professional workforce development to the healthcare industry.

Elevating Healthcare Professionals

Nightingale Solutions is solely dedicated to creating greater access to relevantly skilled and readily available nurses. The nursing profession has become increasingly complex in recent years, and the traditional nurse training model no longer meets the needs of today’s healthcare employers. Nightingale Solutions offers various cutting-edge paths to help your employees become skilled nurses ready for today’s complex patient needs.


Nurses say their mental health has suffered


Nurses say their units are inadequately staffed


Nurse still think nursing is a great career

Source:, State of Nursing 2022, January 2022

Expanding Education Opportunities

Nursing education is an ever-present need in the nursing profession. From entry-level learners in nursing school, to seasoned professional nurse leaders, nurses must stay sharp and relevant through constant education. Nightingale Solutions is partnering with healthcare employers across the country to create new and innovative education solutions designed to provide greater access to specialized training that is available at a moment’s notice. 

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Program Outcomes

  • Increase supply of ready-to-practice nurse graduates
  • Sponsor driven graduate competencies for the initial practice setting
  • Move employer engagement earlier in the education process
  • Increase your homegrown nursing workforce
  • Improve nursing workforce predictability
  • Reduce industry’s reliance on travel nurses and staffing agencies
  • Mirror nursing graduate demographics to client population
  • Transition from ineffective retention strategies to tuition assistance programs with service agreements
  • Drive Lifelong Learning and continual career pathway development

Sponsors Will:

  • Finance tuition assistance programs
  • Participate in on-ground rotations
  • Participate in preceptor placements
  • Assist in recruitment of learners
  • Provide adjunct faculty through job share mechanisms

Nightingale Will:

  • Broker relationships between learners
    and employers
  • Provide marketplace for promoting available sponsorships
  • Schedule on-ground rotations at employer’s facilities
  • Schedule preceptorships at employer’s facilities
  • Offer volume tuition discounts
  • Provide custom curriculum, licensing, micro credential courses (Additional fees required)

About Us

Our diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets allow us to approach problems from different angles, resulting in innovative solutions. We believe in collaboration, communication, and continuous learning. We work hard, but we also know how to have fun and celebrate our successes.

Nightingale Connect Job Board

Do you have a shortage of RNs or LPNs? Do you need more CNAs and techs? Do you want to build a pipeline of future nurses by connecting with current nursing school learners? Through our Nightingale Connect portal, employers can post jobs directly targeted at thousands of current nursing school learners across the country, as well as recent graduates.

Want an even more effective solution? Contact us now and we can help you alleviate your nursing shortage by assisting you in building an offering that nursing students nationwide have said will greatly entice them to work for and stay with an employer, both during and after school.